14 Kasım 2014 Cuma

Samsung's new service Flow

What does What is Flow?

Samsung Samsung brand tablet PC users a new interface for smart phone connects hours and TVs link.

The sharing between devices that provide faster and simpler.

This application is very short on the road with TV in tablet, tablets had a much easier to make the transfer from phone to PC or TV. This application serves as the Android-based.

For example, the PC tablet is able to reach this game without playing a game in your area.

This coverage is only devices with the same account. Another user video you are watching on your local PC Tablet able to send sin.

Samsung mobile communication between these applications and improving their products with a TEKNOSİSTEM convert the chance. Just think about the products we have mentioned. The air conditioner in the dishwasher, refrigerator until many products from my washing machine seems to be able to enter into this TEKNOSİSTEM.

If this happens what we thought until now Samsung will have established the largest and most comprehensive techno.

Indeed, even thinking of exciting ..

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