21 Kasım 2014 Cuma

As the Revolution invention Mobile Charger

State of charge of course one of the biggest weaknesses of smart devices. Some users 1 time per day or more devices in a negative situation in the rapid flow of life in today's world bağlıyor.b charge.

On the back of the device company offering a variety of firms of different products on the market to alleviate this hump offers consumer's taste.

One of them is Chinese Tsung Chih-Hsien. This also worked on mobile power unit .. lasted a little more work but it worked on a different product market from the rest

Red Dot Concept Design Award winners have made a difference this new mobile power unit compared to other competitors with everything from the design to the size of the case.

Design of cardboard material used in this mini power unit consists of a small capsule image as te.

After charging consumers that these products can be purchased from a variety of these products can recycle shop. It also has the ability to dissolve in nature due to the design.

Another feature of the device for iphone 4 and 2 consists of 3 separate time zones can provide 6 hours of power.

This mobile power unit produced as a concept has already attracted attention for the case. Price and exact information associated with the sale have not yet shared.

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