16 Kasım 2014 Pazar

The Most Dangerous !! Beam Messenger

What's Up sharing platforms have opened a new era in the state. What's Up tan After researching decreased revenues of SMS BEEN PERFORMED I'm sure that the operator. Many people are now using smart phones using SMS place this sharing program.

Of course, that was not limited by What's Up. Alternatively sharing programs began to grow with it. Especially recently, blue tiger-prime issue in this way that I wonder if most dangerous sharing program which has taken the place of question 1 in the case.

Make sure the blue tiger skin .. It is also a more important program before Beam Messenger ..

If you ask what danger Beam also available in a variety of features. Send your article in all sharing program may change without pressing the delete key or you can send delete all.

But even if you do not press any letter you send key you typed in Beamer is gone to the opposite side. So in short, if you delete or incorrectly wrote an article not for repair.

Located just for the Android platform, this program will be published in the near future for iOS.

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