14 Kasım 2014 Cuma

Does it look good to Apple's Steve Jobs legacy?

A true idealist .. Steve Jobs leading a revolution in technology ..

Self-confidence, Dictatorship, stubbornness, and more will come to mind continues to be a very frustrating way or discussion that I follow Apple passed away after a person's personal identification dominant until the end of the adjective.

If you think Steve Jobs among us;

Would it İphone6 Plus?

Was the iPad Mini would be?

I'm not too sure but İphone6 for iPad mini-biography of Steve Jobs answer will be away for a human to read a question.

Expressing the importance of using the phone with one hand to the forefront and never compromising on such issues management, Tim Cook, Apple continues to make concessions ..

And mascara up being a Korean competitor ..

Steve Jobs had a product he would not now İphone6 Plus our lives ..

Liquid and solid definite rules which Steve Jobs was a great white page opens in the sense of technology in our lives ..

Its like finding the greatest features of excellence and to provide it to us .. But left behind his team have started to give more away from the ear to the market this ideology ..

But Steve is not preferred by the people according to the rules of the people prefer to Jobs formed according to the rules ..

Its biggest difference was the b ..

Steve Jobs ..

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